Up to 1,600 labels will fit into a flat rate USPS envelope.

Up to 6,000 labels will fit snugly into a medium flat rate USPS box.  

Those are the most economical ways of ordering them.  

Also available for international shipment.  :)

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Plastic Nursery Labels

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5" Plant Labels (Choose Colors)

100-900 pcs for $5 per + shipping

​1,000+ pcs for $4 per 100 + shipping (VIP)

​Sold in groups of 100 only.

Contact email : excellence@chulaorchids.com


#MAC GREY (limited supply)

Labels are 5" long x 5/8" x .019" thick

How would you like the colors distributed?  You can choose in multiples of 100 for any of the 10 colors available.  

Use these part codes when ordering.