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2" square x 2.5" deep  (1-19 pcs)  $1.75 each    

2.5" square x 3" deep  (1-19 pcs)  $2.00 each    

3" square x 3.5" deep  (1-14 pcs)  $2.80 each    

4" square x 4.5" deep  (1-14 pcs)  $4.10 each    

5" square x 5.75" deep  (1-9 pcs)  $5.25 each    

6" square x 7" deep  (1-9 pcs)  $6.50 each    

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Ray Rand's Clear Air Cone Pot

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Rand's Aircone Pots™ offer increased air and drainage through the internal central cone. These translucent pots allow light to reach the roots and you can visually see the condition and moisture condition of the contents.

These pots are made of heavy duty plastic and are very well designed. They have an internal cone and a sloped bottom that doesn't allow water to sit at the bottom of the pot. These features provide the advantage of vastly improved drainage and increased air circulation.

​When repotting just wipe with a small amount of bleach mixed with a gallon of water and they will clean up real nice.