Retail Partners

Tindara Orchid & Garden Supplies
Georgetown, MA 
 Large selection of Horticultural Supplies, 
Plastic Pots, Stakes, Hangers, Stem Clips for Orchids/Gardens 
 Phone: 978-697-9746 
Online Sales Only - Most items now ship for Free 
Email: <>

Kelley's Korner Orchid Supplies
PO Box 539,  Milford, NH 
Pots, Clips, Ultimate Baskets and plant clips
See you at most of the NE plant shows.    
Phone and fax: 603-673-9524 - Email: <>

Fair Orchids (Kim Feddersen)
Califon, NJ 
Orchids, Mix and Pots, Net Pots &

Vanda Baskets, hangers, etc.
By appointment only (usually = Saturdays), 
see web site for directions
E-mail   :
Phone   :  973-495-4863

Quarter Acre Orchids  
Annandale, Virginia 
Large selection of orchid growing supplies

including clear pots, 
Orchiata, potting mixes, fertilizers, net pots, vanda baskets, 
plant clips & premium New Zealand sphagnum moss. 
On-line sales only - International shipping -

No minimum order
Email: <> 

Orchid Supply Store 
P.O. BOX 73082, Newnan, GA 
No walk in, online only. Wholesale accounts available. 
Phone: (770) 683-2863 Email: <>

Pablo Millan 
1219 N Chickasaw Trail Orlando, FL 
Clear Pots - Plant Clips
Phone: 440-357-0022

Email: <> 
 Jen Conaway
354 N. Lake St., Madison, OH 
 ph: (440) 357-0022

fax: (440) 307-9392 
Email: Jen <> 

Sophie's Orchids
Saint Paul, MN 
Large selection of Quality Orchids and Supplies 
  Online Sales Only -  Most items ship for Free

Phone: 612-702-3759

Website: <> (Ebay) 

Website: (Amazon)
 Email: <> 

Flori-Culture: Orchid & Specialty Growing Supplies
(Formerly Calwest Tropical Supply)
7621 Fair Oaks Blvd, Unit C
Carmichael, CA 

Shonnard's Nursery Florist Landscape    
6600 SW Philomath Blvd
Corvallis OR 97333

Charley's Greenhouse & Garden  
17979 State Route 536 Mount Vernon, WA 
We sell from greenhouses to plant clips and clear pots. 
Phone: 360-395-3002 
Email: <>