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Welcome to Chula Orchids!  Your best online source for high quality clear plastic orchid pots with extra drainage and ventilation, the Ultimate Orchid Basket, colored plastic pots, durable and decorative plant clips, and other nursery supplies to help your orchid growing experience.​  We have been in the business for over 50 years!

GRIP pant stakes 12 gauge steel wire
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Ray Rand's Clear Air Cone Pots

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plastic nursery trays
Premium Orchid Food Grow More
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The Ultimate Orchid Basket small large hanging flat

Our site is being remodeled, but we are still open for business!  :)  

Sorry for any irregularities.  We are straightening things up ASAP.  Feel free to send any comments or questions our way!

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colored plastic nursery pots

Harry and Patricia Tolen

​Founders of Chula Orchids

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