To order your own custom made cane or walking stick email...

"L. Rounds" at

My New Cane 
(Can also made as a walking stick)

One of my neighbors made this!!  Great craft work and Lisa can make one for you too.  

Pick a theme you like and you will find that reflected in the work on your cane like the orchids found on this one of mine. These are pictures of the top foot and half of mine, you can see there are even local stones embedded in some of the designs. The cane is fully decorated from top to bottom, and she will make them as straight walking sticks or a “tee” shape as mine is.

Lots of work went into the work seen here, took her about six weeks to get it all done.  Cane is made from scratch from local wood and stones and I’m guessing but if you want to send her either or both to work with she can do it.  Designs are all created and wood burned then hand painted and finished for a  long lasting tool.  What a unique and creative gift.  Already had several comments on my own.

Cost is about $150.00, for all this craftswomans work and a long lasting keepsake.  You may contact her direct for more info or to place an order.