Plants can be shipped in all stages of growth depending on customers needs.  Need more flowers open for weddings or hotels?  They can ship that way.  Or if you want them in tight bud, or just a few flowers open for retail sales, they can do that too.  Just let us know what you need.


Shipped in Bud

Special Order Shipmentsof 100+ plants

Email for a quote on specials available

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Also available are special order shipments for nurseries such as 100 Cattleya, 100 Grammatophylum, 200 Dendrobium, and certain kinds of Oncidinae.  Email me for a quote on the specials available.

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Live Orchids Shipped in Bud

16 Pack - $180 shipping INCLUDED ($11.25 each)

24 Pack - $246 shipping INCLUDED ($10.25 each)

Our partners in Hawaii ship assorted grower choice cases of 16 and 24 plants.  Usually the case mix is half Dendrobium and half Intergeneric (could be any orchids other than Den such as Oncidiums, Oncidium Intergenerics, Cattleya, Vanda etc.)  Each plant comes with their unique "Tiny Plant Tray" that is a big help keeping your plants in great shape all year round.

​These live orchids are shipped UPS or Fedex 2 day air.  They usually ship Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday for delivery Wednesday through Friday.  The plants are all in puffy buds with 2-3 flowers open, ready to go on the shelf for sale.​​