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Square Plastic Nursery Pots many sizes and colors

ANDS2G Seedling Pot - 2.0" square x 2 1/8" deep

JMCS200 square nursery pot for seedlings

Small square heavy duty nursery pot for seedlings. New design with no lip for easier label insertion.

Any quantity 20 each + shipping.


FAR500B - 2" square x 5" deep

FAR500B square nursery sleeve for seedlings

These are great for starting plants indoors every year. Tough and heavy duty they will give great service for years. Use them in trays, hole or no holes or regular 1020 flats. Fill them with mix and start your seeds very early. By plant out time your plants will have great roots systems and be ready to plant out and produce. No bottom in these makes removing the seedling a breeze without disturbing the roots, just a tap and they fall into your hand. These are good size which allows the plants to mature better than those little 2" things you have been using and will give you a better start indoors or in a cold frame. These measure 2 3/16 inside square at the top, 1 15/16 square at the bottom and are 5 inches deep for a good root system. They are tapered so the mix does not fall out after moistened. But you won't have to pick them up until you are ready to plant them out anyway.

Also great for starting tree seedlings letting that tap root develop in a taller pot.

Any quantity 30 each + shipping.

FAR500B square nursery sleeve for seedlings


JMCS225 Nursery Pot - 2.25" square x 2 3/8" deep (Green)

JMCS225 Square Green Nursery Pot

Excellent little pot, no lip for the labels to hang up on!!

Any quantity 20 each + shipping.


JMCSR225 Nursery Pot - 2.25" square x 3 1/4" deep.

JMCSR225 Nursery Pot

These are called rose pots because of the depth.  Excellent for seedling paphs and cymbidiums and plants like that. Obviously great for rose cuttings too!

Any quantity 20 each + shipping.


JMCS275 Nursery Pot - 2.75" square x 2.75" deep (Green)


A smooth sided pot, no lip at the top so labels insert easily.

Any quantity 22 each + shipping



JMCS4125 Nursery Pot - 4 1/8" square X 4" deep (Green)

JMCS4125 Nursery Pot

Why so expensive ??? A real heavy duty long lasting pot.

Any quantity 41 each + shipping


JMCS55-1 Nursery Pot - 5.5" square x 6" deep "Square One"

5.5 square plastic orchid pots in all colors

These colored plastic orchid pots are available in black, terra cotta, yellow, or clear (click here for clear pricing and other info). Excellent for Epidendrum and Cymbidium type plants, and for many types of container plants.

For "No Tip" carrying to the potting table or your next show these fit nicely into the trays JMCMS558B, available here.

Any quantity 65 each + shipping.


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