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Plant Ties

These are neat ties for keeping your plants looking good. Inexpensive, but very hard to find in small quantities. You may have noticed I switched to these for attaching the labels to the plants lately. That's a very good way to keep from losing the plant tag. Use this little tye to attach the label to one fo the bulbs on Cattleyas or any orchid with a big bulb like that. Keeps your friends from pulling the label out of the pot to see what the name is, or, keeps the grandkids from "helping you out" by removing any of the tags from your plants!!

They are also good for tying Phal spikes to the plant stake. Use the larger ones for tying a group of Epi growths to the plant stakes. Snug them up and snip off the excess looks the best I think. They can be used over or removed with out cutting, but it seems time consuming to me and I just snip the tye and put a new one on if I do that. To get them off without cutting you need a small pointed object to push in where the tip of the tye went in, then you can back the tye out.

I think you will find these are also good for a lot of other things around the house also. Large packs of them can be found at Home Depot. But most of those were too large to use for plants, I like the tiny ones. Really great for holding any vining plant to the plant supports.

  • 25 pcs 4" long Plant ties $1.25
  • 100 pcs 4" long plant ties $4.00
  • 25 pcs 8" long plant ties $1.50
  • 100 pcs 8" long plant ties $5.00


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