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Plant Clips in Many Styles:

  Dragonfly Butterfly Bees  
  Ladybug Green Daisy Phal Clips  
    Cymbidium Clips    

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These decorative plant clips, ties and clasps are really neat for holding flower spikes to the support wire instead of tying them up with phone wire or plant ties, and they can add an interesting dimension to your garden area, with little butterflies, bees, dragonflies, and ladybugs around the plants. Also great for use as hair clips.

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Dragonfly Plant Clips - 8 Assorted Colors

Also available in bags of all clear - no color (see next item)


  • 130 pcs - $21.00 (includes shipping US)
  • 500 pcs - $47.00 (includes shipping US)
  • 1300 pcs - $106.00 (includes shipping US)
  • 5,000 pcs - $320.00 (includes shipping US)
  • 10,000 pcs - $585.00 (includes shipping US)

Dragonfly Plant Clips - Clear


Clear dragonfly clips

  • 130 pcs - $23.00 (includes shipping US)
  • 500 pcs - $52.00 (includes shipping US)
  • 1300 pcs - $117.50 (includes shipping US)



Dragonfly Plant Clips - UV Treated

These dragonfly plant clips are a little different, slightly opaque rather than clear. But they are UV resistant and will last much longer outside without getting brittle. Not as bright and shiny. Assorted colors.

  • $2.50 each pack of one dozen if ordered in the minimum order.
  • Pack of 1 dozen - $7.00 (includes shipping US) if ordered alone.



Tired of packing these up for sale? Here's an easy way to handle that


12 packs of dragonfly clips $2.00 each (both regular and UV),

Dragonfly clips in 12 Pack

Dragonfly Clips - 12 pack  

plant clipsChula Orchid Plant Clips aren't just for plants. They're colorful daily accessories for Sam in Vermont, who says:

"I brighten my hair and my mood with delightful dragonflies and butterflies from Chula Orchids."

Tiny Butterfly Plant Clips - Assorted Colors

Butterfly clips

These butterfly plant clips are much smaller than the norm as you can see by the measuring tape. Barely 1" long, they fit only the smaller stems of plants or flowers. They are very dainty and require "dainty" handling. The clips are gripping two nails that are (1) 16p and (1) 4p to show you the size that they will clamp over. Ideal for Orchids like oncidium and all those new hybrids made with that genera.

  • 240 pieces - $29.00 (includes shipping US)


*New* Butterfly Plant Clips - five assorted colors. Available NOW!!!!!!

new Butterfly Plant Clips

A new style of butterfly plant clips.

  • 94 pcs - $21.00 (includes shipping US)
  • 500 pcs - $60.00 (includes shipping US)
  • 900 pcs - $89.00 (includes shipping US)
  • 5,000 pcs - $398.00 (includes shipping US)
  • 10,000 pcs - $753.00 (includes shipping US)


Bee Clips - Yellow only!

Bumble bee clip shown next to ruler for scale

Our plastic bumblebee clips are shown next to a ruler to give you an idea of their size.

  • 73 pcs - $19.00 (includes shipping US)
  • 500 pcs - $60.00 (includes shipping US)
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