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Copper Snail Barrier:



You probably can find this a number of places on the web. Well, that's because it works really well. You surround a plant or planter or your entire yard with this material, and the slugs and snails will not cross it.

There are many ways to use it, and all are pretty easy because it comes with an adhesive backing. You simply peel back the cover and stick it to any pot, bench, wall, walkway or tub and the snails and slugs and stopped. I have personally checked mine at night to watch and see what happens.

Just before dark the slugs come out of hiding and assault our garden plants. We have about 200 45 gallon tubs we garden in, veggies and flowers alike. We are surrounding all the tubs with this material now. We did about a third of them, watched them good for several nights and are convinced it works.

Slugs climb up the side of the tub until they hit the barrier and stop cold. A few touches and they back up, turn around, go down and inch or two, move over a couple inches and attack it again only to be stopped in their tracks. Eventually they return to the ground and start crawling to the next tub but not when I'm around, these wound up in the trash. Don't want to send them over to the neighbors yard. After applying the barrier to the pots or benches it is important to lace the area good with Sluggo to kill off those that are already in the pot, that can't get out. Most all that go up there every night come down, but some find a good spot to camp out and stay on the top under mulch or compost. In a very short time they are gone and no more holes appear. No more snail damage to our veggies or flowers since.

How long does it last, I don't know, manufacturer says "Lasts a Lifetime". It's a pure copper tape with a sticky back, copper being one of the highest paying metals at your local salvage yard when you are recycling stuff. The instructions say to just wipe it off once in awhile to make sure they get good contact. The biggest thing you have to watch after that is to keep the plants leaves or debris from providing a bridge over the barrier. If there is one the slugs WILL find it!!

Pet safe & Non-toxic
Protects all plants
100% Recyclable
Lasts a Lifetime!
Pet safe and Child safe
Protects all plants
Will not harm wild birds
Eco friendly

  • $15.00 - 2 rolls 15 feet long each, Priority Mail inside the US included.
  • $50 - 1 roll 167 feet long, Priority Mail inside the US included.



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