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We do not accept orders by phone, as email is easier to process and much more accurate. To speed the processing of your request for quotation and/or order, please read the instructions below, including all required information, and email your questions or orders to:


If you provide all of the required information you will probably have your Quote or PayPal Invoice in a few hours or less. I will confirm all order information, the address I have for you and the costs with a total. Make sure I have the shipping address correct and simply click on the button of the PayPal invoice and pay it with any method you choose. If you don't receive your Quote or Invoice within 24 hours, please contact me again. Sometimes messages get caught in a spam filter, sometimes they just disappear for unknown reasons, but I can resend quickly. Changes in the Quote/Invoice are also easy to make if you want to add or delete before you decide to make the purchase. it is possible to order in the morning and with all the info I need I can have the shipment on the way to you in the afternoon.


Our minimum order is $100.00 not counting the shipping.

Shipping on smaller orders long distances is not practical any more.  The rates have skyrocketed. I have provided a list of Retail Partners and a Button in the index so you may contact one of the businesses that is closer to you.  They are listed by Zip Code.  They do not all carry all of the items I offer but they can get them for you, several are walk in garden shops. Check them out!

*See the Retail Partners List at the Bottom of this Page*


PayPal is our only method of payment . You do not need to be a member of PayPal to pay the Quote/Invoice I send through them. If you choose to purchase what you see on the Quote/Invoice simply hit the Pay Now button and follow the instructions. There is no cost or fee for you in doing so other than the total shown on the Quote/Invoice. Doing it this way protects me and you by guaranteeing the purchase for you.

PayPal contacts me as soon as you pay the invoice, I mean immediately, and lets me know it's paid. I then get busy packing, if it isn't packed already. I will let you know when I'm going to ship, and after I ship I will try to notify you when you can expect it.

For those of you with PayPal accounts, sometimes when you pay the Quote//Invoice PayPal will send me a different shipping address for you. It would be good to correct that with them, but either way you need to let me know which is the one you want to use for this shipment.


For a quote or an order, I need your zip code and the items (including stock numbers and quantities) in your order. Please remember to include your zip code, as I cannot give you a shipping estimate without it.

For an order:

    -Include your shipping address and phone number(s).
    -Include Items and Quantities, (and colors if required).

Note: when FedEx gives me a quote, they require an address and a phone number for you.


You will get the best quote if you will send your full shipping address and phone number. I have been in business for 50 years now, I am not about to misuse your information. I keep nothing of yours, address or phone etc., and by using PayPal I never even see how you paid for your order much less a card or check number. Nothing is left on my computers or at my business for hackers and we do not give/trade/sell this information to anyone!!

I ship almost exclusively FEDEX these days. FEDEX has four prices for any zip code now. The phone number I request must go on every FEDEX shipment; I do not need it for Post Office shipping. FEDEX will not print me a label without your phone number, they use it to call in case of any delivery problems so a cell is best. Here is a description of all shipping options, I WILL CHECK ALL OF THESE and send your the $$ and shipping time information you need for a decision.

  • FEDEX Ground is used only for those addresses in a commercial zone or shipping area as determined by FEDEX. Normally under five days to get there, much faster of you are close to me. To Portland, or San Francisco it is usually next day delivery, to Miami ship Monday arrive Saturday.
  • FEDEX Home Delivery is residential service to an area around the commercial zones. This service is normally 5 business days or less after the day I ship but the closer to me the quicker it is.
  • FEDEX Smart Post is for packages 10 lb and under. Taken by FEDEX to your local Post Office and they bring it out with your regular mail delivery. Usually the most economical but can take up to 8 or 9 days in transit. Can not ship large boxes this way.
  • USPS - When I am unable to get your items to you by FEDEX I use the Post Office. Sometimes Flat Rate Boxes are the best way to ship, I check all methods before I send my quote. All orders off the U.S. mainland will go by USPS Priority Mail. Foreign orders will include a customs number to check progress with.


If you do not have a PayPal account it would be good to consider. Nearly everything you purchase now can be payed for using PayPal. It costs you no fees, the big advantage is that you never have to give any merchant who uses PayPal any of your card numbers or account numbers. The merchant like me will never even know what you made your payment with. Your payment is made to the merchant immediately and you are ready to receive your shipment asap.


One more thing, to look over the entire website go to the home page and look thru the index, there are many things there you will find no other way. We are adding an Alphbetical iIndes which I think will help find everything on the site.  Articles, pictures and letters from customers. Also check out our Facebook pages for Harry Tolen for beautiful orchid pictures from all over the world and look at the Chula Orchids Facebook page too for news from Chula Orchids.

Retail Partners (by Zip Code)

Tindara’s Orchid & Garden  Supplies
Website: www.tindaraorchids.com
Large selection of Horticultural Supplies, Plastic Pots, Stakes,
Hangers, Stem Clips for Orchids/Gardens
Georgetown, MA (01833)
Phone: 978-697-9746
Email: info@tindaraorchids.com
Online Sales Only
Most items now ship for Free


Kelley's Korner Orchid Supplies
Pots, Clips, Baskets and plant clips
PO Box 539 (mailing address)
336 Mason Road (shipping address)
Milford, NH (03055)
Phone and fax: 603-673-9524
Email: info@kkorchid.com


First Rays Orchids (18902)
Clear Pots
Website: http://firstrays.com
Ray Barkalow
First Rays is mail order only.
We are unable to accept visitors due to township regulations.
Email: raybark@firstrays.co


rePotme.com Orchid Supplies
Orchid Pots, Mixes and Horticultural Supplies for Exotic Plants
Georgetown, DE  (19947)
Phone: 302-855-5859

Email: help@repotme.com


Quarter Acre Orchids
Annandale, Virginia (22003)
Website: www.quarteracreorchids.com
Large selection of orchid growing supplies including clear pots, 
Orchiata, potting mixes, fertilizers, net pots, vanda baskets, 
plant clips & premium New Zealand sphagnum moss.
Email: info@quarteracreorchids.com
On-line sales only * International shipping * No minimum order


Orchid Supply Store
P.O. BOX 73082
Newnan, GA   (30271)
Website: www.orchidsupplystore.com
No walk in, online only. Wholesale accounts available.
Phone: (770) 683-2863
Email: info@orchidsupplystore.com


Pablo Millan
Clear Pots - Plant Clips
1219 N Chickasaw Trail
Orlando, FL (32825)
Phone: 440-357-0022
Email: 4orchids2bee@gmail.com


20 Park Road
Painesville, OH (44077)
Email:Cassie Neely <cassie@orchidsupply.com>
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OrchidSupply.com

Sophie's Orchids
Website: Sophiesorchids.net
Website: Sophiesorchids.com(Ebay)
Large selection of Quality Orchids and Supplies 
Saint Paul, MN (55107)
Email: Sophiesorchids1@gmail.com
Online Sales Only
Most items ship for Free


Gardening Warehouse Direct
Clear Pots, Mesh Baskets 
and many Garden Supplies
Linda Williamson
4322 Penn Lane
Richmond, TX (77406)


Norma Komplin - on Ebay

Norma (77493)

Email: normakomplin@comcast.net


Hydroponics, Greenhouse, 
and Organic Specialty Garden Supply
7619 Fair Oaks Blvd.
Carmichael CA (95608)
Phone: 916-515-9130
Email: sales@thegreenhousegardensupply.com


Charley's Greenhouse & Garden
Clear Pots, Plant Clips
17979 State Route 536
Mount Vernon, WA (98273)
Phone: 360-395-3002 
Email: service@charleysgreenhouse.com