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Hanging Baskets

DL12HBT (Green):

12" diameter x 9" deep


These are good for orchids or ferns or epiphyllum, azaleas, just about anything you can think of. A more traditional look in this type of basket. Has a large saucer on the bottom that can be removed for cleaning or for better drainage, but for ferns the saucer holds a water a little longer so the mix can absorb it better. Really great for things like azaleas, ferns and moisture loving plants, what's more it looks so nice!

$2.75 each.

(10) pcs $25.00.

(50) pcs $109.50

Shipping will be based on about 8 pounds for (10), or 36 pounds for a case of (50).


hanging pots

The pots are 12 1/2" across and 5 1/8" Deep. Great for Cattleyas and other orchids with shallow root systems. Drainage is excellent and has holes if you want to hang them. The large flat bottom makes it easy for potting. 2.3 gal equivalent. Potting mix lasts longer in a well drained pot!

Less than a full case of 56 - $3.00 each

Wires available here.

Hints for Hanging Baskets

hanging basket hint bottom thumbThe pictures show how to make your baskets last longer.   When you use wire hangers and wrap them around the plastic it puts all the load of that wire in one particular spot which will soon fail. If you use one of the methods I show here, itís easier to put the wire on in the first place, and only costs you a tiny amount for the washers shown, or the rod and washer in the fourth picture.



hanging basket hint bottom 2 thumbTo start, push the wire thru the hole in the basket. If the hole in the basket is smaller that 3/16 of an inch, you can open it up or ask me to do that for you. Then when you get the baskets you put the hanger wire thru the hole, thru a washer and thru a second washer. Then bend the wire 180 degrees and go back thru the first washer and back up thru the hole in the basket. Thatís it, no more bending.



hanging basket hint top thumbAs you can see in the pictures that distributes the load (weight) of the basket onto a much larger area of the basket and they will last longer for it.  The two pictures on the left above are looking up from the bottom of the basket, the other is looking down from the top.   It is not necessary to bend the wire over on the top unless you might have very heavy baskets, but I doubt that.  The wire will not straighten out if bent like it shows.


hanging basket hint


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