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Galvanized Wire Hangers

  • 4-wire, wire hangers: 10 for $5.00

These are 4-wire Wire Hangers with a hook on the top so they will fit over nails or pipe. I always buy these, they are about the same price as three wire hangers. If I don't need the fourth wire I simply snip it off and keep it for tying up a Phalaenopsis spike. I can always use that extra piece of wire for something.

galvanized wire hangers

Hangers are approx. 24 inches long, but if you are hanging them on a nail or wire hook you can straighten the big hook out on top and hang them by the little eye in the end of the hook. That will get you a hanger about 27" long.

As received the hook on top will fit over a 1 1/2" diameter pipe or a nail or screw etc. The eye in the end will best fit a nail or a screw. They are made of Galvanized Wire to last you a long time.

How much weight will they hold?? To straighten a small loop on the end of the wire would be the weak point, I don't think you could break the wire before an end gave way, if you have something really heavy to hang make the loops on the ends really secure.

For more information, see the article on Hints for Hanging Baskets on the hanging basket page


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