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Equitant List

This is a list of all the Equitant Oncidiums we ever had.

It is NOT a list to order from.

We simply use the web to post all the numbers you might have received or will ever receive from us.

We may add to it from time to time, but not many except for newer crosses. Most of these crosses were made by Susan and Robert Perreira in Hawaii and reflect years and years of breeding. You may have a plant with "RPxxxx" and the numbers you see here, those are the ones that came from who else, Robert Perreira Orchids. You may also find these under a new name published by Dr. Guido Braehm in Germany. He renamed the genera to Tolumnea, some of us still call them Oncidiums which Guido says is wrong, some use the new name, but in any case Guido says we can still call them by the favorite nickname used by most, "Equitants".

This list was last updated 4/25/2008

Crosses by Susan & Robert Perreira

E0227 Onc. Golden Moon

E0232 Onc. William Thurston (Red dots) 'Pansy Face' or 'Robsan' marked


E0307 Onc. Stanley Smith - White

E0333 Onc. pulchellum 'Skippy'

E0536 Onc. Freckles

E0642 Onc. Stanley Smith sib .

E0648 Onc. Thelma Beaumont

E0655 Onc. Moshi x Moshi

E0660 Onc. Little Chickadee (Large purple flowers)

E0700 Onc. Missy

E0707 Onc. Spanish Beauty

E0721 Onc. Golden Sunset

E0746 Onc. Fairy Tale

E0760 Onc. Golden Moon

E0785 Onc. Moonlight 'Mauve'

E0788 Onc. Ann's Shield

E0802 Onc. New Market

E0825 Onc. Pleasure Bent

E0863 Onc. (Valverde x gauntlettii)

E0881 Onc. Celeste

E0889 Onc. Dark Sunset

E0893 Onc. Pearl

E0895 Onc. Chris

E0914 Onc. Southfield

E0931 Onc. Port Castle

E0935 Onc Gypsy Beauty

E0936 E0943 Onc. Clearwater?

E0945 Onc. Clearwater

E0948 Onc. Lucea

E0957 Onc. Belaire

E0958 Onc. Kayster

E0959 Onc. Silver Cloud

E0961 Rdcm Phyllis (Phillis 'Robsan I' HCC/AOS

E0962 Onc. Robefield

E0963 Onc. Gold Coast

E0964 Onc. Marbelt

E0965 Onc. Ritzy

E0966 Onc. Ivory Queen

E0967 Onc. Old Harbour

E0973 Onc. Pink Blush

E0981 Onc. Middlesex

E0982 Onc. Robefield

E0995 Onc. Golden Rose

E1007 Onc. Misty Pink

E1015 Onc (Red Belt x Royal Purple)

E1019 Onc. Jim Swanson

E1021 Onc. Robefield

E1027 Onc. (Savanna La Mar x Red Shield)

E1030 Onc. Mount Diablo

E1037 Onc. Caledonia Shield

E1053 Onc. Peach Glow

E1064 Onc. (varicosum x Loke Lane)

E1069 Onc. Honey Girl

E1070 Onc. Honey Girl

E1071 Onc. Hawaiian Delight

E1074 Onc. Wow

E1082 Onc. Yaqui Valley

E1085 Onc. Charm

E1092 Onc. (Tiger Wong x Roselle)

E1100 Onc. Golden Sunset

E1102 Onc. (Cornwall x guianense 'alborubrum')

E1117 Onc. (Spanish Beauty x Caledonia)

E1118 Onc. Desert Gold

E1140 Onc. Barbie

E1141 Onc. Magic

E1169 Onc. (Midas x jimenezii)

E1226 Onc. Savanna Beauty

E1261 Onc. Golden Sunset

E1282 Onc. Wellbank Abbey (Roselle x Plentiful)

E1297 Onc. (Golden Luis x Roselle)

E1300 Onc. Orange Festival - (Golden Luis x Susan Perreira)

E1318 Onc. Golden Girl - Dream Girl

E1320 Onc. (Royal Spanish x Royal Shield)

E1329 Onc. (Onc. Dreamer x Lucky Lady)

E1334 Onc. Irene Hardy

E1336 Onc. (Royal Shield x Spanish Beauty)

E1343 Onc. Spanish Queen - (Spanish Beauty x Luis Ariza Julia)

E1344 Onc. Jubilee - (Savanna La Mar x Golden Sunset)

E1348 Onc. Gayle Paul - (Golden Sunset x Gayle)

E1353 Onc. Vogue - (Spanish Beauty x Golden Sunset)

E1357 Onc. Robsan

E1373 Onc. Rose Giant

E1375 Onc. Clearwater

T1382 Tolu. Loke Lani - (Persian Red x Stanley Smith)

E1400 Onc. (Pearl x Susan Perreira)

E1402 Onc. (Pearl x Persian Red)

E1403 Onc. Rose Queen

E1404 Onc. (Golden Luis x Francis Libby)

E1408 Onc. (Persian Red x Charlotte Libby)

E1409 Onc. (Robefield x Valvanna)

E1410 Onc. (Ivory Queen x Marbelt)

E1412 Onc. Potpourri

E1416 Onc.Fire Opal (Susan Perreira x Persian Red)

E1417 Onc. George Polly (Susan Perreira x Wallfield)

E1418 Onc. (Ivory Queen x Valvanna)

E1435 Onc. (Florence x Lucea)

E1444 Onc. (Susan Perreira x desertorum)

E1451 Onc. San Diego Gals (Marbelt x Florence LIttle)

E1457 Onc. (Lucea x Golden Sunset)

E1460 Onc. (Pearl x trulifferum)

E1463 Onc. Roseanna

E1479 Rdcm (Onc. trulliferum x Rdza venusta)

E1483 Rdcm. (Onc. trulliferum x Rdza secunda)

E1489 Onc. (Valvanna x Golden Sunset)

E1503 Onc. (Red Mask x Roselle)

E1506 Onc. (New Market x Golden Sunset)

E1508 Onc. (Gaiety x Golden Sunset)

E1520 Onc (Gold Shield x Stanley Smith)

E1521 Onc. Stanbelt - (Marbelt x Stanley Smith)

E1523 Onc. Pearl Gold

E1525 Onc. (Fiesta Gal x Stanley Smith)

E1526 Onc. (Pearl x Stanley Smith)

E1533 Onc. isthmii x self

E1537 Onc. (Golden Moon x Honey Girl)

E1549 Onc. (Savanna Beauty x Pearl)

E1559 Onc. (Clearwater x Pearl)

E1574 Onc. (New Market x Golden Moon)

E1585 Onc. (Golden Sunset x Susan Perreira)

E1587 Onc. (Delight x Scarlet O'Hara)

E1608 Onc. (Fiesta Girl x Caledonia Shield)

E1611 Onc. (New Market x Persian Red)

E1615 Onc. Golden Sunset

E1619 Onc. (Robefield x Gypsy Beauty)

E1620 Onc. Melissa - (Dark Sunset x Eria Scott)

E1621 Onc. (Ivory x Savanna La Mar)

E1622 Onc. (Ivory Queen x Golden Sunset)

E1628 Onc. Melissa (Eria Scott x Dark Sunset)

E1630 Onc. Robefield x Dark Sunset)

E1632 Onc. Purple Joy (Golden Sunset x Port Castle)

E1636 Onc. Popoki 'Mitzi' HCC/AOS Red flowers on short spikes.

E1637 Onc. Passionata Red 'Galaxy' Also nice red on compact plants

E1638 Onc. (Pleasure Bent x Ann's Shield)

E1639 Onc. (Breezy x Eria Scott)

E1640 Onc. Phyllis Envy 'Ruby Queen' Spotted red on compact plants

E1641 Onc. (Breezy x Pleasure Bent)

E1642 Onc. Alissa Morton 'Red Valley' Solid dark red.

E1643 Onc. Ann Wins (Ann's Shield x Golden Moon)

E1644 Onc. Gypsy Gold - (Gypsy Beauty x Golden Moon)

E1645 Onc. Ann's Beauty

E1658 Onc. Big Ben

E1660 Onc. (Breezy x Scarlet O'Hara)

E1661 Onc. (Southfield x Gypsy Beauty)

E1662 Onc. (Breezy x Gypsy Beauty)

E1667 Onc. Market Breeze

E1671 Onc. (Pleasure Bent x Eria Scott)

E1672 Onc. Rosy Sweet - (Ann's Shield x Golden Sunset)

E1673 Onc. Rosy Cloud - (Silver Cloud x Gypsy Beauty)

E1677 Onc. Gypsy Gold - (Gypsy Beauty x Golden Moon)

E1679 Onc. Hawaiian Gold - (Dark Sunset x Golden Sunset)

E1682 Onc. (Rainbow x Caledonia)

E1685 Onc. Roxanne Nyberg - (Breezy x Valvanna)

E1686 Onc. (Gypsy Beauty x Golden Luis)

E1689 Onc. Bob Dugger - (Gypsy Beauty x Susan Perreira)

E1690 Onc. (Gypsy Beauty x Valvanna)

E1691 Onc. (Old Harbor x Golden Sunset)

T1695 Tolu. Dori :


E1698 Onc. (Aurora x pulchellum)

E1705 Onc. (Golden Sunset x Gypsy Beauty)

E1706 Onc. (Barrswell x Valvanna)

E1708 Onc. Plush Pink

E1709 Onc. (Southfield x Golden Moon)

E1710 Onc. (Pearl x Caledonia Shield)

E1711 Onc. (Southfield x Ann''s Shield)

E1717 Onc. (Florence Little x Golden Moon)

E1718 Onc. (Redandria x Ann's Shield)

E1719 Onc. (Redandria x Valvanna)

E1720 Onc. (Redandria x pulchellum)

E1725 Onc. (Mexico x varicosum)

E1730 Onc. May Day - (Gold Shield x Ann's Shield)

E1731 Onc. Sunset Susie - (Gold Shield x Susan Perreira)

E1733 Onc. Windward Delight - (Stanley Smith x Freckles)

E1737 Onc. (Purple Envy x Misty Pink)

E1745 Onc. Valset - (Golden Sunset x Valvanna)

E1746 Onc. (Valvanna x Gypsy Beauty)

E1749 Onc. (Roselle x Breezy)

E1753 Onc. (Newport x Middlesex)

E1756 Onc. (Cherry Frappe x Golden Sunset)

E1766 Onc. Sunset Breeze - (Breezy x Golden Sunset)

E1770 Onc. (Welly x Spanish Beauty)

E1771 Onc. (Roselle x Persian Red)

E1772 Onc. (Valvanna x Roselle)

E1777 Onc. (Roselle x Breezy)

E1783 Onc. Irma Murray (Caledonia Shield x Golden Shield)

E1784 Onc. Golden Charm - (Aurora x Golden Sunset)

E1785 Onc. Vogue - (Golden Sunset x Spanish Beauty)

E1786 Onc. Red Sunset (Golden Sunset x Roselle)

E1788 Onc. (Aurora x Golden Moon)

E1794 Onc. Purplelite (Misty Pink x pulchellum)

E1801 Onc. Colorburst - (Golden Sunset x pulchellum)

E1803 Onc. (William Thurston x Golden Sunset)

E1873 Onc. (Mexico x Elegance)

E1875 Onc. (Breezy x Susan Perreira)

E1876 Onc. (Susan Perreira x guianense)

E1877 Onc. (Peach Glow x Susan Perreira)

E1915 Onc. Wow

E1920 Onc. (Stanlety Smith x Welly)

E1929 Rdcm. Beauty Spots x Onc. Dori`

E1932 Onc. (Stanley Smith x Dori)

E1939 Onc. (Dori x Golden Sunset)

E1940 Onc. (Puck x Barbie)

E1942 Onc. Cynthia Marten - (Barbie x Rainbow)

E1943 Rdcm. Beauty Spots x Onc. Port Castle

E1951 Onc. Magic (Rainbow x Golden Sunset)

E1953 Onc. (Magic x Golden Sunset)

E1968 Onc. Taffy

E1973 Onc. (Golden Sunset x pulchellum)

E1986 Onc. Parisian

E2004 Onc. Alissa Morton (Super Pink x Potpourii)

E2056 Onc. Hawaiian Rainbow (Golden Sunset x Premier Rose)

E2060 Onc. Golden Sunset

E2071 Onc. Barahona

E2075 Onc. (Petite Rouge x Stanley Smith)

E2097 Onc. Bonus (Magic x Barbie)

E2116 Onc. Bonus (Magic x Barbie)

E2123 Onc. (Susan Perreira x Barbie)

E2140 Onc. Potpourri x Rdza decora

E2157 Onc. (Fire Opal x Gayle)

E2193 Onc. (Puck x Gayle)

E2237 Onc. Susan Perreira x Lchs oncidiodes

E2243 Onc. (Susan Perreira x macropetalum)

E2268 Onc. (Susan Perreira x Premier Rose)

E2272 Onc. papilio x self

E2284 Onc. Dynasty (Stanley Smith x Chris)

E2286 Onc. Robsan - (Susan Perreira x Golden Sunset)

E2288 Onc. (Hawaiian Delight x Phyllis Hetfield)

E2292 Onc. (Kayster x Stanley Smith)

E2300 Onc. Celebrity - (Phyllis x Missy)

E2304 Onc. Play Girl

E2307 Onc. Nitta's Pride x Onc. Missy

E2313 Onc. Jamaica x Onc. Petite Rouge

E2328 Onc. Magic x Onc. Robsan

E2338 Onc. Ritzy

E2339 Onc. (Stanley Smith x Middlesex)

E2342Onc. Robsan 'Red' - (Golden Sunset x Susan Perreira)

E2347 Onc. (Puck x Robsan)

E2348 Onc. (Nitta's Pride x Golden Sunset)

E2356 Onc. Stephen Norlin - (Loke Lani x Barbie)

E2357 Onc. Robsan 'Yellow A-1'

E2361 Onc. Spotted Fury - (Loke Lani x Tiny Tim)

E2369 Onc. (Barbie x Pink Blush)

T2372 Tolu. Thriller - (Loke Lani x Golden Sunset):


E2374 Onc. (Susan Perreira x Barbie)

E2376 Onc. (Magic x Loke Lani)

E2380 Onc. Sensation - (Golden Sunset x Stanley Smith)

E2381 Onc. John Evans - (George Polly - Golden Sunset

E2388 Onc. (Frolic x Patrick)

E2391 Onc. Islander

E2400 Onc. Kiss Me Quick (Golden Sunset x Fire Opal)

E2418 Onc. Marjorie Brown - (Middlesex x Loke Lani)

E2419 Onc. Waimanalo Sunset

E2422 Onc. (Dreamer x (Dreamer x Potpouri)

E2431 Onc. (Puck x Stanley Smith)

E2432 Onc. (Fire Opal x Windward Delight)

E2453 Onc. (Stanley Smith x Loke Lani)

E2460 Onc. (Persian Market - (New Market x Persian Red) x Ann's Shield)

E2461 Onc. Marjorie Brown - (Middlesex x Loke Lani)

E2462 Onc. (Persian Red x Loke Lani)

E2466 Onc. (Golden Sunset x Ben Hardy)

E2468 Onc. ((Fiesta Gal x Stanley Smith) x Ben Hardy)

E2474 Onc. Midnight Beauty - (Susan Perreira x Lillian Dugger)

E2489 Onc. (Robsan x Roseanna)

E2494 Onc. Patricia Tolen - (Robsan x Irene Gleason)

E2500 Onc. (Passionata Red - (Florence Little x Breezy) x Loki Lani

E2508 Onc. (Celebrity x Potpourri)

E2509 Onc. Roger Slowi (Persian Market x Passionata Red)

E2511 Onc. (Breezy x Susan Perreira)

E2513 Rdcm. Robsan's Dream - (Onc. Susan Perreira x Rdcm Phyllis

E2516 Onc. Sizzler (Port Castle x Susan Perreira)

E2517 Rdcm. Phyllis x Onc. Hawaiian Delight

E2520 Onc. ((Southfield x Ann's Shield) x Passionata Red)

E2521 Rdcm. Phyllis (Rdcm Phyllis x Rdcm Phyllis)

E2522 Onc. Loke Lani x Rdcm. Phyllis

E2523 Onc. Susan Perreira x Onc Barbie

E2526 Onc.(Passionata Red-(Florence Little x Breezy) x (Susan Perreira)

E2531 Onc. Tom Wilson (Pink Panther x Passionata Red)

E2533 Onc. (Passionata Red x Passionata Red)

E2534 Onc. Irene Evans - (Susan Perreira x Potpourii)

E2535 Onc. Deluxe Pink - (Potpourri x (Florence Little x Breezy)

T2537 Rdcm. Robsan's Choice:


T2538 Onc. Pepper's Delight :


E2544 Onc. (Susan Perreira x Spanish Queen)

E2548 Onc. (Little Chickadee x Misty Pink)

E2552 Onc. Harry Tolen - (Hawaiian Gold x Susan Perreira)

E2553 Onc. Nitta's Pride - (Little Chickadee x Golden Sunset)

E2575 Onc. First Love - (Golden Sunset x Robsan)

E2582 Onc. Windward Delight - (Stanley Smith x Freckles)

E2586 Onc. (Golden Sunset x Jewelite)

E2587 Onc. (Magic x Honey Girl)

E2589 Onc. Stephen Norlin - (Barbie x Loke Lani)

E2590 Onc. (Barbie x Hawaiian Delight)

E2591 Onc. Islander - (Mount Diablo x Barbie)

E2609 Onc. Barbie x Onc. Honey Girl

E2611 Onc. (Potpourii x Honey Girl)

E2612 Onc. Gayle Paul - (Golden Sunset x Gayle)

E2613 Onc. (Barbie x Rose Giant)

E2615 Onc. (Middlesex x (Gaiety x Honey Girl))

E2642 Onc. (Plush x Loke Lani)

E2703 Onc. Dianne Luke - (Rosy Cloud - (Silver Cloud x Gypsy Beauty) x (Petite Rouge)

E2710 Onc. Susan Perreira x (Fiesta Gala x Stanley Smith)

E2752 Onc. (Pink Panther x Hawaiian Delight

E2762 Onc. (Barbie x Persian Red)

E2764 Rdcm (Onc. Golden Harvest x Rdcm Phyllis

E2808 Onc. (Purple Joy x Barbie)

E2842 Onc. (Magic x Stnaley Smith)

E3059 Onc. (Loki Lani x Bonus)

E3061 Onc. ((Stanley Smith x Welly) x Ritzy

E3062 Onc (Loke Lani x Misty PInk)

E3092 Onc. (Pink Panther x Scarlet O'Hara)

E3099 Onc. (Hawaiian Punch x Passionata Red)

E3102 Onc. Red Fury (Ebony Beauty x Passionata Red)

E3109 Onc. (Lillian Dugger x Passionata Red)

T3119 Onc. Love That Red (Loki Lani x Passionata Red):


E3144 Onc. Robsan's Gold (pirarense x onustum)

E3150 Onc. (Moonlight x Passionata Red)

E3153 Onc. (Ben Hardy x Passionata Red)

E3154 Onc. (Bob Dugger x Robsan)

E3155 Rdcm Robsan's Choice x Onc. Passionata Red

E3157 Onc. (Loke Lani x Passionata Red)

E3163 Onc. (Stanley Smith x Passionata Red 'Robsan' AM AOS/HOS

E3171 Onc. (Ebony Beauty x Passionata Red)

E3172 Onc. (Pink Panther x Rose Giant)

E3173 Onc. (Pink Panther x Ebony Beauty)

E3181 Onc. Classic Flare (Passionata Red x Bubbles)

E3186 Onc. (Robsan x Irene Gleason)

E3196 Onc. (Taffy x Robsan 'Robsan II' CR/HOS)

E3199 Onc. (Spotted Fury x Robsan 'Robsan II CR/HOS)

E3204 Onc. Christmas Velvet (Premier Rose x Passionata Red)

E3205 Onc. Liz (Golden Sunset x onustum) large yellows

E3206 Rdcm Lopaka x Onc. Passionata Red

E3207 Onc. Rhapsody ((Stanley Smith x Chris) x Ebony Beauty)

E3214 Onc. (Hawaiian Delight x Passionata Red)

E3215 Onc. (Valset x Robsan)

E3216 Onc. (Bonus x Golden Sunset)?

E3217 Onc. Pepper's Delight (Bonus x Taffy)

T3182 Onc. Perreira's Choice (Taffy x Robert Perreira):


E3240 Onc. (Scarlet O'Hara x Premier Rose)

E3250 Onc. (Scarlet O'Hara x Loke Lani)

E3252 Onc. (Deluxe Pink x Tom Wilson)

E3255 Onc. (Loke Lani x Deluxe Pink)

E3260 Onc. (Premier Rose x Robsan)

E3268 Onc. (Susan Perreira x Premier Rose)

E3271 Onc. Pepper's Delight

E3281 Onc. (Patricia Tolen x Robsan)

E3282 Onc. Gypsy Beauty x Rdcm Robsan's Choice

E3283 Onc. Irene Hardy x Rdcm Robsan's Choice

E3285 Onc. (Passionata Red x Gypsy Beauty)

E3290 Onc. Tom Wilson

E3297 Onc. (Purplelite x Passionata Red)

E3298 Onc. (Kiss Me Quick x Passionata Red)

E3299 Onc. (Robsan x concavum)

E3305 Rdcm. Conquest - (Robsan's Choice x Purplelite)

E3306 Onc. (First Love x Spanish Queen)

E3308 Onc. (Susan Perreira x Spanish Beauty)

E3309 Onc. Robert Perreira (sib)

E3310 Onc. (Robert Perreira x Spotted Fury)

E3311 Onc. Magic Touch (Passionata Red x henekenii)

E3312 Onc. Robsan's Fortune (Celebrity x Robert Perreira)

E3313 Onc. (First Love x Susan Perreira)

E3317 Onc. Showpiece (Passionata Red X Robert Perreira)

E3321 Onc. (Stephan Norlin x Robert Perreira)

E3350 Onc. (Susan Perreira x Jubilee)

E3354 Rdcm. Lopaka x Onc. (Loke Lani x Golden Sunset)

E3357 Onc. (Patricia Tolen x Robsan)

E3369 Onc. Irene Hardy x Rdcm Robsan's Choice)

E3370 Onc. (Ann Wins x Golden Sunset)

E3372 Onc. Golden Sunset x Rdcm Robsan's Dream

E3373 Rdcm Robsan's Beauty (Onc. Golden Sunset s x Rdcm. Robsan's Dream

E3383 Rdcm. My Happiness (Rdcm. Robsan's Choice x Onc. pulchellum)

T3385 Tolu. Fenkand Blush (Golden Sunset x Taffy) :


E3398 Onc. Perreira's Glory (Golden Sunset x Robert Perreira)

E3413 Onc. Spotted Fury x Rdcm Robsan's Dream

E3415 Onc. Gayle Paul x Rdcm. Robsan's Dream

E3416 Onc. (Puck x Harry Tolen)

E3426 Onc. Tom Wilson x Rdcm. Phyllis

E3427 Onc. Midnight Beauty x Onc. Dianne Luke

E3428 Rdcm. Robsan's Triumph (Phyllis x Phyllis)

E3432 Rdcm. Robsan's Treasure (Onc. Susan Perreira Lillian Dugger) x Rdcm Robsan's Dream?

E3433 Rdcm. Robsan's Beauty (Rdcm.Robsan's Dream X Onc. Tiny Tim)

E3434 Onc. (Susan Perreira x Tiny Tim)

E3438 Rdcm. Robsan's Triumph (Rdcm. Robsan's Dream - Onc. Hawaiian Rainbow?

E3440 Onc. Robsan's Showpiece (Patricia Tolen x Robsan)

E3443 Onc. (Islander x Robsan)

E3444 Onc. (Islander x Golden Sunset)

E3447 Onc. Robsan's Aloha (Hawaiian Rainbow x (Port Castle x Susan Perreira)

E3448 Onc. Red Panther (Pink Panther x Love That Red) X (Passionata Red x Loke Lani))

T3449 Tolu. (Little Chickadee - Misty Pink) x Pink Panther :


E3451 Onc. (Hawaiian Rainbow x Irene Evans)

E3452 Onc. ((Port Castle x Susan Perreira) x Golden Sunset)

E3455 Onc. (Susan Perreira x Ivory Queen)

E3456 Onc. (Irene Hardy x concavum)

E3459 Onc. (Hawaiian Rainbow x Ivory Queen)

E3461 Rdcm. Robsan's Choice x Onc. PInk Panther

E3464 Onc. (Patricia Tolen x Golden Sunset)

E3466 Onc. (Irene Evans x Celebrity)

E3468 Onc. ((Stanley Smith x Welly) x Love That Red)

E3470 Onc. (Red Fury x Premeir Rose)

E3477 Onc. (Red Fury x Cuddles)

E3478 Onc. (Susan Perreira x Cuddles (Ben Hardy - Passionata Red)

E3484 Onc. (Deluxe Pink x Hawaiian Rainbow)

E3486 Onc. (Deluxe Pink x David Aldrich)

E3490 Onc. Love That Red

E3491 Onc. (Loke Lani x Roger Slowi)

E3493 Onc. Robsan's Bouquet (Passionata Red x Tom Wilson)

T3494 - Rdcm. Russell Tolen - (Patricia Tolen x Rdcm. Robsan's Dream):


E3496 Rdcm. Phyllis x Onc. (Pink Panther x Scarlet O'Hara)

E3497 Rdcm. Robsan's Beauty (Rdcm Robsan's Dream x Onc. Golden Sunset)

E3501 Onc. Lillian Dugger

E3502 Rdcm. Robsan's Dream x Onc. (Robert Perreira x Spotted Fury) -

E3503 Onc. San Diego Fireball (Olga Wright x Passionata Red)

E3509 E3511 Onc. (Pink Panther x concavum)

T3524 - Tolu. Hawaiian Rainbow x Pink Panther :


E3526 Rdcm. (Onc. Premier Rose x (Rdcm.Robsan's Choice x Onc. Passionata Red))

E3527 Onc. ((Dianne Luke x (Dynasty x Ebony Beauty))

T3528 - Tolu. Perreira's Choice x Tiny Tim :


E3530 Onc. (Christmas Velvet (Premier Rose x Passionata Red) x Florence Little)

E3531 E3548 Onc. (Irene Hardy x Ann Wins)

E3550 Onc. (Moon light x Christmas Velvet)

E3553 Onc. [Moonlight x (Celebrity x Robert Perreira)]

E3555 Onc. (Mule Ear)(Linda Little x lanceanum)x Beatrice Emery

T3561 - Tolu. Stanley's Passion :


T3566- Tolu. Golden Sunset x Stanley's Passion :


E3567 Rdcm Robsan's Choice

E3569 Onc. San Diego Gals

E3573 Onc. Robsan's Spectrum

E3574 Onc. (Patricia Tolen x Robert Perreira)

E3577 Onc. (Purplelite x Passionata Red)

E3578 Onc. (Rhapsody (Dynasty - Ebony Beauty) x Passionata Red)

E3581 Onc. (Bonus - Taffy) x Onc Passionata Red

E3582 Onc. (Hawaiian Rainbow x Spotted Fury)

T3583 - Tolu. Spotted Fury x John Evans :


E3584 Onc. Rhapsody (Dynasty - Ebony Beauty) x Onc.Tiny Tim

E3588 Onc. (Hawaiian Rainbow x Perreira's Choice)

E3601 Onc. Robert erreira x Onc. (Bonus - Golden Sunset)

E3606 Rdcm Lopaka x Onc. Robert Perreira

E3609 Onc. (Ben Hardy - Passionata Red) x Roger Slowi

E3615 Onc. Gypsy Beauty x Classic Flare

E3616 Onc. (Loke Lani x Cuddles)

E3627 Onc. (Perreira's Choice x Perreira's Glory)

T3633 - Tolu. Perreira's Glory :


T3670 -Tolu. (Bonus - Golden Sunset) x Rdcm Robsan's Dream CR/HOS:


E3680 Rdcm (Robsan's Treasure x Robsan's Triumph)

T3689 - Tolu. (Hawaiian Punch - Passionata Red) x Tolu. Passionata Red 'Bobs' AM AOS/.HOS :


T3710 -Tolu. Robsan's Treasure (same name but different parent plants than original cross) :


E3714 Rdcm. Robsan's Treasure x Onc. Perreira's Choice

T3716 - Tolu. Hawaiian Rainbow x Perreira's Choice:


E3718 Rdcm.(Onc. Midnight Beauty x Rdcm. Robsan's Triumph)

T3725 Rdcm. Big "T" (Rdcm. Russell Tolen x Onc. Perreira's Choice)

E3726 Onc. (Perreira's Choice x Sniffen 'Dauro' FCC/AOS)

E3732 Rdcm. Memoria Frederick Reppun x Rdcm. My Happiness

E3736 Onc. Robsan's Spectrum x Onc. Passionata Red

T3737 - Rdcm. Robsan's Dream 'Robsan' CR/HOS X Rdcm. Phyllis 'Robsan' AM/AOS :


E3739 Onc. (Love That Red x Passionata Red 'Robsan' AM/AOS/HOS)

T3740 - Tolu. Stanley's Passion (Stanley Smith x Passionata Red 'Robsan' AM/AOS/HOS) :


E3745 Onc. (Robsan's Showpiece x Robert Perreira)

T3759-Flower ---

T3759-Plant - Tolu. (Pink Panther - Ebony Beauty) x Tolu. Passionata Red

E3770 Onc. Showpiece x Onc. Robsan 'Robsan I' HCC/AOS

E3784 Onc. Tom Wilson (not a remake, different parents)

T3786 -Tolu. Robsan's Fortunex Rdcm Robsan's Choice :


E3841 Onc. Thelma Beaumont (Stanley Smith x Savanna La Mar)

Crosses by other than Susan & Robert Perreira

EQ 502 Onc. John Kelly

EQ1695 Onc. Dori

EQ2071 Onc. Barahona

EQ4109 Onc. Breezy

EQ4134 Onc. Frolic

EQ4378 Onc desertorum var alborubrum - Species (Mericlones)

EQ4454 Onc. Phyllis Hetfield

EQ4523 Onc. Envy

EQ4600 Onc. Trixie

EQ4603 Onc. Valset

EQ4613 Onc. (Gypsy Beauty x Golden Luis)

EQ4709 Onc. Puck

EQ4710 Onc. Puck

EQ4756 Onc. triquetrum

EQ6016 Onc. Golden Sunset 'Disco Queen' - Mericlone

EQ6795 Onc. Kensington (White)

EQ7148 Onc. Pink Beauty

EQ7970 Onc. Gayle

EQ8206 Onc. Haitian Red

EQ8665 Onc. Dandy (Golden Sunset x triquetrum)

EQ9510 Onc. Golden Luis

EQ9516 Onc. Savanna Sunset x Onc Valverdee

EQ9560 Onc. Onc. Rosella

EQ9610 Onc. Royal Ann

EQ9716 Onc. Spanish Sunset

EQ9730 Onc. Stanley Smith

EQ9851 Onc. (Taffy x Robsan)

354 - Onc. micropogon (species):

T1392-Plant Tolu. Loke Lani

T1673 - Tolumnea Rosy Cloud:


T1695 Tolu. Dori :


T2286  Flower

T2286-Plant Tolu. Robsan


T2288 Plant Tolu. Hawaiian Delight x Tolu. Phillis Hetfield

T2357  Flower

T2357 Plant Tolu. Robsan

T2372 Tolu. Thriller:


T2513 Flower

T2513 Plant Rdcm Robsan's Dream

T2537 Flower

T2537  Plant Rodricidium Robsan's Choice

T2538 Tolu. Pepper's Delight :


T3182 Rdcm Mem. Frederick Reppun :

T3182  Tolu. Perreira's Choice

T3230 Flower

T3230 Plant Tolu. Perreira's Choice

T3297 SOLD Flower

T3297  Plant Tolu. Purplelite x Tolu. Passionata Red

T3357 Flower

T3357  Plant

T3373 Flower

T3373  Plant Rdcm Robsan's Beauty

T3385 Tolu. Fenkand Blush:


T3449 Tolu. (Little Chickadee - Misty Pink) x Pink Panther :


T3494  Flower

T3494  Plant - Rdcm. Russell Tolen

T3496 Plant Rdcm.Phyllis x Tolu.(Pink Panther -Scarlet O'Hara)

T3524 Tolu. Hawaiian Rainbow x Pink Panther :


T3528 Tolu. Perreira's Choice x Tiny Tim :



T3548 Tolu. Irene Hardy x Tolu. Ann Wins

T3561  :


T3561-Flower ---:


T3561 -Plant-Rdcm Robsan's Choice x Tolu. Stanley's Passion

T3566 -Flower

T3566 -Plant Tolu. Golden Sunset x Stanley's Passion

T3577  Flower :


T3583 - Tolu. Spotted Fury x John Evans :


T3633 - Tolu. Perreira's Glory :


T3670 SOLD Tolu. (Bonus - Golden Sunset) x Rdcm Robsan's Dream :


T3689 : T3689-2Tolu(Hawaiian Punch - Passionata Red) x Tolu. Passionata Red 'Bobs' AM AOS/.HOS :

T3716 Plant Tolu. Hawaiian Rainbow x Perreira's Choice :


T3718 :


Tolu. Midnight Beauty x Rdcm Robsan's Choice

T3725-Flower :


T3737 - Rdcm. Robsan's Dream 'Robsan' CR/HOS X Rdcm. Phyllis 'Robsan' AM/AOS :


T3740  Tolu. Stanley's Passionm:

T3786  Tolu. Robsan's Fortunex Rdcm Robsan's Choice :