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Cymbidium Clips and Supports

Large Cymbidium Clip - Green


Suitable for large plants and spikes, hoyas, trees and/or vines.

Cymbidium Green Clips

  • 200 pcs - $50.00 (PLUS SHIPPING)
  • 2,000 pcs - $480.00 (PLUS SHIPPING)
  • 4,000 pcs - $910.00 (PLUS SHIPPING)
  • 8,000 pcs -  $1,410.00 (PLUS SHIPPING)


Cymbidium Spring-Loaded Flower Spike Support (Reusable)

This is a spring-loaded support item used mainly for assisting your cymbidium spikes while they are growing. The spring will let the line extend out about five feet and retract it all. It keeps the spikes straight, with the flowers spaced well. Hooked to the flower spike it keeps a slight pull on the spike and you will wind up with a nice spike with the flowers showing off. After the spike matures you can remove the spring loaded Yo-Yo as they are fondly called, and show your plant.

The Yo-Yo can be attached to the end of a long stake, or attached to the roof or shade structure over them. Large growers make special racks to hang the Yo-Yo's on.

Now if you think about this, you will think of lots of things you can support with them. I am using them on tomato plants, snap peas, string beans, lol, what can you think of? After use just unhook them and put them away till next time.

Cymbidium Yo-YoHere is a picture of Yo-Yo's snapped on a tomato vine and hooked on a stake at the top. Didn't have a cymbidium to show you how this works on, but this is a cherry tomato plant I have attached to it. It will work until the plant stems get too heavy. if I keep the tomatoes picked they should hold up fine. I have also been experimenting with snap pea vines. They are also very tall, but respond well to these vine supports. I'm going to start some fall pea vines in a tub out front and will use these attached to the roof molding.

  • $1.80 each for up to (9)
  • $1.70 each for (10) to (49)
  • $1.60 each for (50) and over


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