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In stock: 3 feet wide, 48 a running foot. Shipping is pretty inexpensive, it's light, can be folded and small orders can be shipped in an envelope.

crop coverThis material is made to protect your crop from cold or bugs or birds. It lets in plenty of light, but insulates so that the temperature under the cloth will be up to 10 degrees warmer than the outside air. Use it to cover Blueberry plants that are developing blueberries, or for cover for your early planted veggie starts. If you can get it over your cherry tree it will keep the birds from eating all of the cherries. Use it to overwinter your perennials. Requires no support, can lay on the plants as you see above. 25% light transmission. 3 oz. per square a ten foot long piece costs $4.80 and weighs about 10 ounces. There are lighter versions but none protect as well from cold, we only stock this ULTIMATE3 fabric.

Sunlight and rain or irrigation will pass through the fabric.

Protection against wind and also birds, insects, deer, rabbits and more.

Crop Cover on potCrop Cover on potThis is working out pretty well, I have some Alstromeria that I tried two years up here that froze out each year. In these wraps and two cycles of 15 to 18 degrees they are surviving and flowering fine. I found a place on Ebay to purchase a bunch of 1/8" x 10" long bungee cords. The cover comes off quick, I roll it, wrap it in the bungee cords and hang it on the wire cage for quick access next time it's needed.

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