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Black Plastic Nursery many sizes

Please note: on orders totaling over $1,000.00 there will be a grower's discount applied to the wholesale prices shown.


Two New Starter Pots

Light, Economical, and Very Eco-Friendly

Can't beat these for economical first year veggies and the like. And at the same time you are going green. These are actually made from recycled water bottles, and you know how tough they are. Being very light, they cost less, and when it comes to shipping they stack shorter, and are lighter so are very economical to ship. Cannot be stored in the hot sun though. They are also recyclable at most curbs.

Part #4.33B Starter Pot

4" inside diameter at the top, 5.4" tall, 2.7" inside diameter at the bottom.

LT433 Recycled Plastic Nursery Pot

Holds 1.6 pints of mix, glossy black and a great start for your plants. Good taper on the sides so your plants are easily removed without disturbing the roots. Fits in our  #4.33B tray.

1-99 19 each + shipping
100-199 18 each + shipping
200-299 17 each + shipping
300-399 16 each + shipping
400 and up 15 each + shipping

Economical to ship. No wasted space.
Pack of 160 -- 5 pounds, 11x11x11
Pack of 567 -- 15 pounds, 14x14x14


Part #5.00B Starter Pot (about a quart)

4.25" inside diameter at the top, 5.0" tall, 3.25" inside diameter at the bottom.     

LT500B Recycled Plastic Nursery Pot

Holds approximately 1 quart of mix, glossy black and made to last. Fits in our  #5.00B tray.

1-99 20 each + shipping
100-199 19 each + shipping
200-299 18 each + shipping
300-399 17 each + shipping
400 and up 16 each + shipping

Economical to ship. No wasted space.
Pack of 100 -- 4 pounds, 11x11x11
Pack of 450 -- 18 pounds, 15x15x15


Injection-Molded Black Nursery Pots
(Heavy Duty)

SP5X5 Black Nursery Pot (about a quart) 5 Diameter x 5 deep.

SP5X5 Black Plastic Nursery Pot

A one quart black pot that is very handy for starting plants that can later be transferred to gallons. Alstromerias, herbs, yard plants, paphs, cymbidiums, etc. all do fine in them.

(In stock order one or a case)

Less than case of 200 are 45 each + shipping.
Wholesale - Case of 200 - $51.41 (26 each)
Weight per case 23 pounds.
Case dimensions 17 x 17 x 17.


SP6X5 Short Gallon Nursery Pot - 6 inch round x 5 deep


Instead of filling the bottom of the gallon pots with styrofoam peanuts why not just buy a shorter pot? This black pot is gallon size diameter but 2" shorter. Used for many types of plants.

(In stock order one or a case)

Less than a case of 50 are 66 each +shipping.
Wholesale - Case of 50 - $24.63(49 each) + shipping.
Weight per case 9 pounds. Case dimensions 17 x 17 x 16.



These are called "One Gallon" pots but most hold around 2.6 quarts of mix.



6" diameter x 7" high

(On left) Tall Round One Gallon Black Injection Molded Glossy Finish

42 each + shipping.


6" diameter x 6 5/16" high

(On right) Short Round One Gallon Black Injection Molded Glossy Finish

40 each + shipping.
Pot drains through the sides, not the bottom.


Part # JMCATR1100B

6" diameter x 6 3/4" high

Tall Round One Gallon Black Vacuum-Formed
Most Drainage

30 each + shipping.
100 shipped anywhere in USA for $49.00 (shipping included).

These also still sit on a flat surface and drain, every hole has access to the clearance slots in the bottom. Still a classy look from the sides. Molded for strength and durability, has a strong lip so easily picked up and moved. Bottom is engineered to stay upright and still provide incredible drainage for good root growth.



Part #CB2 Two Gallon Nursery Pot - 8 inch round x 8 deep

Standard Two Gallon Nursery Pot

Lighter but really sturdy, a good long lasting black pot. Ferns, bulbs, orchids, you name it. Will last you years and years. Volume 1.64 gal/6.2 L

40 or less $1.25 each + shipping.
41 or more $1.00 each + shipping

Pack is 28 pounds and measures 48x10x10





NSW3 (2.53 Gallon Nursery Pot)- 10 inch round x 9 deep


Same here, long lasting heavy duty black nursery pot, you can raise anything from cymbidiums to palm trees in them.

(In stock; order individually or by the case)

Individual pots $2.50 each + shipping.Pack of 10 $22.50 ($2.25 each) + shipping.
Weight 9 lbs, Pack size 20 x 11 x 11.

three nursery pots

Left to right: NSWC1400SGL - NSW4 - NSW3S

JMCANCB5T -  (3.96 Gallon, 15.0L Nursery Pot)  11 3/4" X 11"

Same as McConkey #5 Tall Blow-Molded Can

five gallon nursery pot

Another blow-molded pot, this is the closest to a four gallon size.

In stock and available for pickup or shipping.

Individual pots $2.50 each + shipping.

Pack of 5 $11.00 ($2.20 each) + shipping.
  Pack size 14" x 13" x 13", Weight 4 lbs.

Pack of 20 $39.00 ($1.95 each) + shipping.
  Pack size 22" x 13" x 13", Weight 14 lbs.

Pack of 40 $68.00 ($1.70 each) + shipping. 
  Pack size 36" x 13" x 13", Weight 26 lbs.

Here's a trick to use with tomatoes (see below)


Here's a trick to use with tomatoes. 

I heard about it and decided to try it before I recommended it to you. If you have had trouble getting yield in the past from tomatoes in say 3 to 5 gallon pots, it might be the small root system.

This is the JMCANCB5T (4 GAL) pot shown sitting on a NSWC6000GL (10 GAL) pot.  I  transferred  two little volunteer tomato plants from seed into the 4 gal pot, they were about three inches high..  Neither plant did anything except grow, right where they are shown, but not in the big pot.  Every day I opened the door to let in the afternoon direct sun.  They took all the spring months to get this size, it was still to cold here to put them outside at night for fear of frost.   
I decided it was time to try this new method I heard about, give them more root room.   So I filled the 10 gal pot and moved it under the 4 gallon one still sitting in the same spot.   So then I had a 14 gallon root system about 30 inches deep. Within two weeks one plant started three little flowers.  In case there were no pollinators around just yet I did that myself.   All above the light colored area is new since mid June.
It was soon apparent that something had changed in the plants, they were beginning to grow better, the leaves looked darker, they got more flowers and the three I helped pollinate "took".  You can easily see in the picture the difference in the plants at about the tomatoes level.  The bottom is still light colored, all the top growth is healthier.   The plant could be really big right now, but when a new growth takes off for the ceiling I let it flower, then cut the leader off above that at the top of a metal wire frame to keep it  manageable.   There are about 30 nice Roma types started.  I say Roma types because these are from seeds that started themselves in a tub outside, and they look like Roma's lol.
The article I saw years ago also mentioned when the first pot is smaller like say a gallon you do this quicker, and at that point it's a good idea to cut the whole bottom out of the top starter pot.   This top pot is about an inch or two into the mix in the bottom pot, and it is tightly rooted into the bottom pot, I can't move it.
So if you have the room, all you need is a 4 gal and a 10 gal pot, and a tomato plant stand that is collapsible/reusable, 12" square x 48 inches high, and about 2  1/4 cu feet of planter mix or good soil.
I think with this double tub setup you can easily produce yourself a good supply from Aug into the winter.  This area is in a greenhouse now, I built that around it this year. so with the nice root system we will see how long I can keep them producing.