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Interlocking Greenhouse Benches

$9.88 each + shipping any quantity.

                Benches Wide View

These are terrific for both hobbyists and professional growers alike.

No order size we can't accommodate.

They come in snap together sections that measure 24" x 30" in bundles of (5) for $49.40 for the whole bundle, ($9.88 ea.) plus shipping of about $22.00 for each pack of 5 pieces. Shipping varies by destination, of course. Bundle is 31 x 25 x 5" and weighs 24 pounds.

The basic piece for your whole bench setup. Like a jigsaw puzzle you put together the shape you want on the kind of base you choose. PVC frame, wood frame, pipe frame or concrete block supports, these will work with all of those and more.



These are just some pics of benches and supports for shade cloth, etc. to give you ideas of you own on how you can use these bench units.

It's very easy to frame for these, they are absolutely flat, snap together like a jigsaw puzzle and are thick enough to handle pots of most any weight. they are also very light so the shipping cost will not be bad for you. The more you order, the lower the shipping cost per unit. We will get you an exact quote on shipping before you purchase.


Email us to request a shipping quote or to place an order:


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