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Hi All,

Welcome to the world of Chula Orchids. Why Chula? Because in Spanish Chula means beautiful. So you could read our name and address as Beautiful Orchids. We are located now in Oregon, a little town called Waterloo, population 250!! No more noisy helicopters, no more obnoxious traffic, no more smog, no more congestion. We are 388 steps from our front door to the water in the Lower Santiam River.

Harry and Pat TolenWe are a mail order only business, no walk-in traffic, and recently have given up the nursery/plant sales. From now on it's just growing related items and supplies. I have been retired for over eighteen years now, Patricia doesn't get to be retired from being Mom and Grandma! The only thing I don't like so far about being retired is there are no days off, no holidays, no sick leave days, no vacation,, but I'll still take it! We grew and sold orchids for over 40 years. And what fun it has been. That's over now but orchid supplies will keep us close.

We are just mail order for growing supplies and orchid related items now.. Since we established this website we no longer have orchids for visitors to stop by and see. Yet we seem to be always busy. Not having walk in customers also allows us to go where and when we want, and I can do the mail orders at midnight if I have to. We have about all the customers we can handle with our old friends and those this web page attracts, and walk in traffic takes more time than I have to offer. So "walk thru" the website and see what you can find. Sometimes we have to have some time off. If you simply have to come over to pick up pots or fertilizer or, whatever, drop us an E-mail and we will set up a time you can visit.

We are really interested in finding new vendors for our Clear Orchid Pots made for us by the McConkey Company. If you are a business and have an interest in this drop us an email:

We absolutely guarantee our products to arrive in great shape. PLEASE call if you have a problem on arrival. So have a great time going thru this listing. Keep watch, because I find I can change this catalog every day now with little problem, so it will be fairly current.

The Oregonians

To see pics of our Santiam River (all different times of the year) Click a link below:

Santiam River-1

Santiam River-2

Santiam River-3


How do we do with customers? Take the time to check out our Feedback from our customers on eBay Look for chulaorchids97355 (150+). We are proudly one of those sellers with 100% positive feedback and aimin' to keep it that way.

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